I put all my Arduino projects on this page.

Hopefully the things actually work

I really ran out of ideas for names, so here are some links hope you'll understand what they are:


A RGB led and a yellow LED flicking to try and imitate a candle.

Servo motor going back and forth by itself.

Servo motor turns to 0 degrees then 180 degrees repeatedly

Servo motor controlled by position of potentialmeter.

Changing the position of a potentialmeter changes position of the servo motor.

PIR motions sensor light.

A PIR detects motion, when motion is detected the LED lights up.

Ultrasonic sensor changing color of RGB LED depending on distance.

Ultrasonic sensor detects how far a object is from the sensor and lights LEDs, more LEDs lit = closer, less lit = further.


The light dependant resistor tells the arduino how much light there is, below a threshold, a LED will light up.

Random colors.

Just flashes random colors nothing more.

LEDs in a row.

LED chase effect.

Don't ask about this one, poor moth.

Attached a lot of batteries to a lamp..